Lazy Acceleration D16Y8


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My car drives fine, it throws no engine codes, it idles fine, sounds fine and barely burns oil but it’s slow when accelerating from a stop, stepping on the pedal feels lazy and heavy until it gets to higher rpm’s is when it finally starts to wind up until it goes to 2nd gear where it starts feeling slow again at low rpm’s.
When I drive my grandma’s civic which has the same engine and automatic transmission it feels like the engine is a lot more aggressive at low rpm’s, you step on the pedal and the response is almost immediate the rpm’s rise up pretty quickly. Her engine has 70k km more than mine and burns oil but she did recently change her transmission fluid which hasn’t been done on mine in a few years.
I’m wondering if this could be a clogged catalytic converter or something like bad timing maybe?


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It could also be fuel related, clogged injectors or fuel filter.