Leaking head gasket on reman engine?


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Bought a reman engine from a seller on eBay and after first start up the head started bubbling out from underneath the head where it mates up against the block. Contacted seller and he told me the guides were probably interfering and holding it up. Told me to torque to 60ft lbs and it still leaked. I know the book says 49. Then he tells me he is sorry that I might try to get another gasket and seal it without the guides. So I did this and when I opened it up their was paint from when they painted the block and head on both surfaces, I cleaned off the surfaces, put a straight edge on the block to check clearance and buttoned it back up with new bolts. Still leaks, bubbles out of the front of engine...small amounts and forms a drip. What should I do at this point? This is my first reman engine and I wrench in all my own cars. I have the book and torque everything to spec. Is their anything else I can try. Seller told me block and head were milled to straitness. Besides the leak, my compression system s good and the motor sounds fine. Thanks


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Take engine back out , send to the machine shop and start from scratch. That is if you have the money to do so. If not then idk what to tell you. This is one of the reasons why i would never purchase and engine from someone online, let alone ebay.