list of all 1/4 mile times


Wow can you post time slip that seems slow
Retract my previous took my civic to the drag strip today and i am very disappointed with swapped civics now. I got 15.3 i am running on bald tires with bad rack and pinion and bad ball joints..... was hoping for low 14's lol not happy with Honda's now...


quad box
95 dx coupe

d15b7 intake/exhaust 16.9 @ 79 mph 2.2 60'

gsr with full boltons and tune 14.4 @ 97 2.3 60'


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I have a 98 civic LX (4 door)
Ran a 17 flat with the old motor (D16y7)
swapped to a b16a2. ran a 15.9 (sotck header, slipping clutch, broken motor mount)
taking it to the track this year hoping to run mid-low 15's or better!