Looking at getting my first honda..


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Im looking at picking up a 92 honda civic hatch clean, completly stock... Price is $1,750, should I offer the guy $1,500? I just sold my 92 Talon TSI AWD, which i built the entire longblock, but I decided to sell it because it was too much of a money pit. Don't buy dsm's in less you have the money because they will make you bankrupt. Anyway, after i buy it I probably swap the wheel's, lower it, etc... I was wondering what the best motor for it is. I know the b16 is the easiest swap probably but i want alittle more power. Thanks.. You can see my old dsm in my sig.

Im hoping to build a CLEAN jdm civic when im done. Nothing riced out etc..


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you should get a ls/v-tec and boost it or buy a b18c that two engine have a little kick compare to b16 that's my 0.2 cent opinion