Looking to beef up my LX


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Last October, I purchased a 2013 4dr LX. At first, all I wanted was cosmetic work, considering all I was looking for was an economical car after I sold my 2012 mazdaspeed3 and became a proud poppa. But after riding in my cousin's SI's, I found myself missing that extra bit of power. I'm not looking to add incredible horsepower, but I just want the feel of a little added power. It's a single cam and I've heard turbos do the trick. I've also heard intakes, exhaust, and headers would be all I need. What would you guys recommend? Links and sources would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


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I'd probably opt to buy an Si if this is your family sedan. You could do bolt ons and an off the shelf tune, but the small gains and money spent probably won't be worth it.



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im new here and dont wanna get off on the wrong foot but im hearing evreyone say trade for an Si... Ive worked with honda`s only for 25 years and you get out of it what you put into it..just because its a 4 door LX doesnt mean you cant add a significant amount of power to the motor,true it wont look as good as an SI but what you lookin for ? H.P> or Looks or both. If H.P. my first suggestion would let it breathe. I have a Skunk2 mega-power cat-Bak system with open up convertor and youd be surprised what hat 3" exhaust will do. Wont set no records but its a start