Louisiana Please Post!!


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Hey everybody. I don't know if this is against forum rules or not, and if it is I'm sorry, but I want everybody to head to the SouthCentral section of the forum and if you are from Louisiana please participate in the LA Roll Call thread. I'm not doing this for reasons of greed to try and get the most posts in my thread, it's just that it seems like no one goes in the regional sections, and even less of you are from the SouthCentral area. So I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it and has a chance to represent where they're from. Feel free to post if you're not from Louisiana or the SouthCentral, but let's limit the car and driver profile posts to us Louisiana folks. Everyone else, start your own roll call and put your city or state on the map too. Let's make this thread a success for the benefit of the ClubCivic.com community. Sorry if this post is off topic at all or seems inapropriate. Thanks everybody.


It's on ass-backwards.
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This really does need to be in the South Central forum. Members rides is not really teh appropriate place for this.