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Hey, I don't know all that much about lowing kits...so I figured I'd ask. I wanna lower my 96 civic lx. duh. right now I'm riding stock wheels, but I'll eventually get either 16's or 17's. Probably 16's because I'll get free tires out of the deal from my dad's miata. (they are 4 month old tires right now) Anyway, how far should I lower it? and what do I need to get in order to complete this.


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I bought some Ground Control adjustable coils. Get yourself some new struts though while your at it, makes the suspension better, and you won't have to do the job twice. But I would go with adjustable coils for sure if you are not quite sure how your clearance will be after getting new rims. I got a good deal off of shox.com, or you can always check out eBay.