Max A/C not blowing hard / much at all


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My ac is really only blowing hard when the mode is selected for the top vents only, but it blows hard when it's selected for only bottom vents but max ac barely blows at all. I replaced my blower motor and transistor and it didn't change much. It does also seem like it could be a little colder aswell. Please someone let me know what it could be or how I could fix it. Thanks


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So this is a common problem with all cars with a little bit of age, with an easy fix. So the air that your air handling unit is moving has to go through the cabin air filter. If you don't change out the cabin air filter, the filter will basically become a blocking source. To get to the cabin air filter, just drop your glove box, and its that big plastic thing held in by clips right there. Just swap it out and you will be good to go. If you need help just look up a youtube video to see the who process, it only takes a minute.