Mishimoto Radiator


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I haven't used it personaly but from what I've read its one of the most popular radiators out there. hope this helps


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I had a half size dual core in my EF, never had an issue but it was on a stock b20 and wasnt my daily

koyo is also a great radiator had a full size dual core on my turbo gsr and that was my daily. Car would cool down between back to back runs on the dyno. Was was overkill but was on the car when I bought it.


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Wow that's awesome! so is triple core way overkill? The problem I'm having is overheating in traffic after about 10 minutes just siting there with the ac on. I'm also getting the fan shroud that goes with the radiator, is that really necessary? I have a 12 inch ebay fan right now strapped to the center of my radiator and a 8 inch fan in the front pushing air through.

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