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What's up everyone? I have a 1990 hatchback std. Got it from the original owner who kept it well maintained and had the stack of maintenance records to prove it. So the car runs great, but I need more power. My question is should I modify this engine or should I do a swap? I'm planning on changing the 4spd to 5spd regardless. Is the mini me build worth it? If I do swap o want it to be as direct bolt on as possible. Something I can take out of a wrecked car and use nothing fancy. Thanks for any info.


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Swap to another d series motor. The biggest thing you'll have to do is convert from DPFI to MPFI.

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Swap! B16A2 w LSD 5spd. Not hard to do if you mechanically motivated. 160 hp stock vs 70 hp you're driving now. My 1st hatch was an 88 almond dx. Couldn't pass anything but the gas stations, 45mpg from an 88! My 08 Fit can't do that, lol.

This is my 89 Si.