My 1995 Civic VX


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Those wheels came out looking amazing!

Thank you everyone! The car is almost done... Just need to finish up a few interior components. It has been such a pain in the ass though... I really wish I went to a more reputable body shop because I'm noticing that some areas of the car is starting to chip, etc. All in all, I'll be happy once I get this thing put back together 100%.

Hey guys, I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been working hard on the car since my last update.

Here is where I am now:

- Interior is mostly reinstalled into the car. Just need to re-install the back seats and the custom sub floor again. I had the interior mostly gutted to have the all the plastics and side liners wrapped in a fake suede. It came out beautifully. I had also gone from a double din radio back to an OEM single din dash. All of the custom electronics I had installed in the car for my personal stuff was just finished up recently. I also just replaced the hatch glass due to it possibly leaking and because the defroster lines were broken.

- Exterior I'm not working on anymore. It's too stressful to try and fix paint chips, etc.

I am sending my car off this Friday to my friend/installer who is going to finish my car and have it back to me on Monday. At that point, that means my car will be 100% done and put back together. I will get you all pictures really soon, I promise!!!!
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Okay, the car is all done! Some of it still needs to be cleaned, but for the most part its all done. Finally.

I know the side liners for the door sills are missing. I'm getting those installed soon. The shock cover in the rear is also getting wrapped.
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Looks good! The blue gives it a nice touch, and isn't overdone like most custom interiors I've seen.

PS, you need a clutch pedal pad. :cool::lol:


View attachment 25962 View attachment 25963 View attachment 25964 I just got the car back from the paint booth. I was supposed to get PB5 (Electric Metallic Blue), but somehow there was a miscommunication between myself and the shop and they gave me PB1 (Ice Blue). I'm trying to like the color, but I don't know if it'll grow on me.

I'll end up spray painting the rims black to give it some more contrast.

I will take interior photos tomorrow when I can clean her up.

What do you guys/gals think?
I'm going to be getting mine painted on the outside (the same color it is now), how much did yours cost to get painted?

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