My 98 Acura EL!

hey guys, not a new member here, i dont post much, started on here with a 92 lx sedan, milano red. Since theni bought a 96 chev blazer as my DD, and then, i found this. A 98 Acura EL, D16y8 stock, with 394xxx kms. Yeah thats high kilometers but not so bad if youve got a spare Y7 motor laying around!

So heres a couple pictures of the day i bought it, paid 300 dollars for it, yes only 300, and drove it home after freeing the alternator, and the back drivers side wheel.

heres the front

and notice the rust in the trunk, hard not to notice i guess haha

and heres my messy interior, (found an ipod in there, and about 20 bucks, not too bad)

So i think, 300 dollars, driveable, is never a high price! haha

Anyways, towed the car down to my stepfathers shop, about a 2 and a half hour drive, and we removed the motor, cleaned up my Y7, and checked my Y8 head over, and then together they went!

here it is, heartless.

heres my old block, not a very clear picture, sorry everything is cell phone pics, wasnt in good shape though

and here it is, mostly back together, and ready to drop it in

so got the engine back in the car, and after diagnosing a bad ground, and a loose fuel line, it was alive!
Drove it home the next day, (2.5 hours, good test for our work), and made it with no problems!
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love the red cluster

New trunk

Shift knob DIY, and home made shift boot, and also my relocated stereo, (took the console out of a 97 civic, had the cd changer in front of the cup holders,

Uploaded with

also, just got a set of 15 inch rims, anyone able to identify these? enkei center caps dont belong with these, and its not stamped anywhere on the rim

new eurolite sidemarkers, painted amber, bought for 20 dollars at honda

annnd, heres what is going to fill the big hole where my stereo used to be in the dash
voltage, water temp, and oil pressure

also, just installed some no name 4-2-1 headers, cat delete, double baffle resonator, and a ractive muffler (no pics yet)
SRI (home made bent pipe and ractive air filter)
and also have a set of coil sleeves in the back, ready to install

future plans,
97 civic sedan front end, with oem fogs
honda frost white paint job, black hood, roof, and trunk (panda style)
slammed to the ground
change out fabric in door panels, and middle of seats, to a blue plaid to match my interior
install my 1000w sony amp, 1F capacitor, and 2 12" MTX terminators in the trunk, all custom
and last, but not least,

let me know what you guys think, bought the car for cheap, and im looing to make it worth something some day
alright, heres a picture of how it sat last month (only two months of owning the car)

dont worry about the bumpers and shotty body work and paint, its all being redone in the spring!

and those were my old 17 inch mini cooper S rims, traded for some 15s


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Those black eyelid things look stupid to be honest. Looks pretty good though, nice job on finding an ipod and $20 lol
Those black eyelid things look stupid to be honest. Looks pretty good though, nice job on finding an ipod and $20 lol
yeah the eyelids are coming off, i have another set of headlights that are in mint shape, those will go in after paint, just thought id try it out on the cracked and cloudy lenses,
and thanks i was pretty surprised to look in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat and see an ipod in there! haha


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thats pretty good progress man im liking it.
thanks for the comments guys, and i made 100 off the ipod so no big deal haha
and the car was originally priced at 500, knocked him down to 350, and when i got there i had to unseize the alternator with a pipe wrench and some wd-40, and go at the back brakes with a hammer to knock them loose, so i offered him 300 since i had to free up those parts, and he took it, so i hopped in it and drove it home with a smile and a jug of oil haha (had to fill it before i left, nothing showing on the dipstick)
If you find another steal like this, lemme know lol. I'd love to get my hands on one of those front ends...:drool:
and to think im putting a civic front end on it, ;)

i actually have seen people pretty much beggin for these things in various threads, real bummer that they havent been made in the US eh?
i dont really know much about selling and shipping online or id probably have a price tag on the front end haha
its in real good shape too, one small rust bubble on the drivers fender right where it connects to the bumper, other than that its in pretty good shape, just changed out the trunk too as the old one had a rust spot on it, and dropped the old trunk off at the scrap yard :oops:
id like to have your dash?
haha out of everything id like to take off this car, i think the gauges and dash are the one thing i wouldnt change, honestly i love it, plus having everything backlit in amber from the factory is a bonus!

and thanks again guys, i was very surprised at how good of shape this car is in, PEI being like the rust capital of canada, i was shocked when the only rust underneath was a hole in the floor, it was right under the back left drivers seat mount. used steel from a junked school bus in the back yard of our shop, and its as solid as it could get!. theres absolutely no give to it so i feel a little bit safer without that breeze under my seat haha =)
and its pretty bad, i bought this for 300 in as good of shape as it was, and i bought a 97 dx for parts, rotted out underneath, and lowest i could get it for was 500! (thats where the y7 came into play) and also thats where i got my civic front end to put on it, minus a front bumper


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thats is pretty bad lol^.


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damn well if you ever want to sell the dash and everything. im here lol

but please remove the tint from the tails
damn well if you ever want to sell the dash and everything. im here lol

but please remove the tint from the tails
ill keep that in mind;) haha
and yes the head lights and tail lights will all be swapped out for sets that are in near mint condition i wont be sprayin anything on these ha just being lazy and waiting till i take them out for paint :thumbup:
plus cops down here wont pull you over for like anything, unless you have a loud exhaust and your rippin around at 2am, other than that your pretty much safe, and since i had extra set, i figured why not? then after paint and new lights it wont even look the same haha

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