My B20b swapped EJ6 (Redline Issue)


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Hey all, new to the forums.

I just recently finished my first swap. A b20b into a 99 ej hatch

The issue I’m having is that when my car hits redline, it falls on its face BAD, almost as if it’s gonna die out. Almost sounds starved??

I’m running a chipped obd1 P06 ECU with a b20b basemap for my bolt ons. Skunk 2 70mm throttle body and skunk 2 intake mani.

The one thing I’ve noticed is with this ecu my tachometer doesn’t work. With My PHK (99+ CRV ECU) the tach works fine but the car isn’t drivable on that ECU. Could that be part of the issue?

Has anyone had this issue before? What are some things I should look for or what might be causing this problem?

Pic of car =) Ig: @1blackhatch