my car has a check engine light on

:(When i started my car i had my ebreak on and car in gear and forgot that it was in gear so when i took my foot of the clutch it stalled (and yes i know ill get called a dumbass) so i restarted and my car just wasnt sounding right so i shut it off and than restarted and then had an engine code. Please help me befor i tear my whole top end apart and also i smelt the exhaust and it smels like fule is just dumping out :(
dont have an ob2 code reader so cant pull up codes any help on the description i gave would be better than none and also i cant drive my car to get to a shop


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you dont need a code the link i pasted on and it'll show you how to check your codes

sorry fo the late reply but have been busy. So i did the test and came up with code 72 which is random cylinder missfire #2 any advice on to fix would be awsome. my car is gonna be sitting foe another three months

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