My civic dont start fuel pump power


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Good day.
I have a problem with my civic 94, the gasoline pump does not work, I took it with an autoelectric and he told me that the ecu was in bad condition, I tried with 3 ecu of my friends and the main relay still does not activate the pump in the same way. with the same of the ecu.

The autoelectric added a signal bridge in my ecu to the Green / yellow cable which is the Fuel pump Relay with a bulb that when opening the switch activated the gasoline pump in which I got one ecu probe with another and did not activate the pump this bridge stopped working

I make a bridge in the relay on pins 3 and 5 I hear how the pump operates when I open the switch 8 days ago I arrived at my house I turned off the car when I wanted to start it 3 minutes later I no longer heard the pump work and the starter stopped just click

In order to start the car I had to use the bridge of the autoelectric the bridge that I made and push the car to turn it on and thus take it with a mechanic I have not found what is the fault of this so I resorted to this forum I have not found this fault or in forums in English.

The check engine light does not work since I bought the car since it does not have catalytic converter and is off

1994 civic stdr
Engine 1.6 D16y8 head Y7 no vtec
ECU p06