my first civic


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what up ClubCivic??

just got my first Civic about a week ago........2000 Honda Civic Ex with not much done to it.....

Lowered on Megan Coilovers
8k HID's
type R front grill
drag replica Mugen M7 rims
spoon replica mirrors

i have aot of plans for this car but needs some work done to it......this isn't my first car but it's my first civic.
my first car was a 1990 acura integra ls automatic

right before i Blew the motor in that car i purchased my second car

A 1993 Acura Integra Gs-R #0029

i bought it with a B16 swap and after a year of dd the car i decided it was time for and new water pump/timing belt/tensioner job.......guess the old thing couldn't handle it cuz within two days it spun a bearing and started knocking like a Jehovah's witness (no offense) lol.....
so i built and swap in a Jdm B18C type R (96 spec)....

just recently got rid of it and bought my civic!
i love G2 integras but have been wanting to get into something different and here i am.....searched around for a website that looked like it would be as good and helpful as was while i had my integra's.....and ClubCivic seems to be legit......


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eh, not going to find as much tech info on here than G2IC

Ive been on G2IC since 2005, this site is good for laughs and cool people, but I think the tech side of it is coming around


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hopefully the site helps some what....i"ve been a member on G2ic since '07 and haven't really seen a site that compares.......lot of good info and the guys on there(and a select few females) are cool has tons of info but it's burried under so much crap it takes awhile to find what your looking for.....

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