My Introduction Thread

Hey, guys. I'm pretty new to the site. I joined a month or so ago and I lurked it for research purposes and seeing the quality of member's rides and advice for another month or two before joining, but I never did one of these introduction threads, so I figured, "Yeah, why not?"
I picked up a '96 EX Coupe about a month and a half ago that I'll be working on as a project and my daily driver. Yes, the progress will come with pictures. I know what I want to do with the car and you guys will watch it all happen as time goes on.
So that's it, I guess I'm finally a member, right?


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Well technically you're a member once you register ;). This section is just used to introduce yourself should you feel that you want to!

You can always start a build thread early. Post pics of your car stock, plans, etc.

I planned on starting a build thread after I fixed all the stupid little stuff. Window regulator, blown fuses, a burned out turn signal bulb, broken wheel stud, you know, stupid little things that are expected to come with fifteen years of prior use. Hahaha.
This is the day I got it. Bone stock. It's the cleanest slate I've ever seen where I live, people out here wreck Civvies beyond recognition and mod them to retarded extents leaving you such little room to work with.

As far as exterior goes, I came up on some Si wheels I already put on. I want some Stanley side markers and 50/50 tail lights. I already ordered some OEM mud guards. I wanna go the SiR route. It needs a drop, but it's not gonna be a scraper. For the interior I'm looking for a clean Si shell and do a swap, or I might just dye it but I'm not too sure about the longevity of it. I don't plan on doing too much under the hood for now because I plan on at least swapping in a B18 and I don't wanna put money into my D16 for it to go to nothing. First thing I'm gonna work on is suspension. Coilovers, struts, rear disc conversion, you know, the basics.


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Sounds good ^5 , except i would work on the suspension after you swap the engine in because the b18 is a little heavier, while the stock d16 is 248 lbs, and it won;t be much of a problem in terms of suspension but to some it really makes that difference.
Good to know. However, the B swap is later on down the road. I work in a coffee shop, have bills, and am about to pay for college this upcoming semester, so I don't exactly have the money I want to drop right into my engine, hahaha. Other mods that will no doubtedly help my car get closer to the vision I have for it will be easier to pay for now. Granted, I'm good at the saving game.

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