My sickkk crx!!

1.6L d16 with jackson racing supercharger., 8.1 pistons 451cc fuel injectors, aem intake, headers, cams, stage 3 clutch, tenzo R seats, wings west body kit, fiberglass hood.


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Post the pics in the thread

the hood is comin off forsure. and im changing the tailights, euros suck. i know the hood is gay haha and for some reason it wont let me put pics on the thread??


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idk why they arent workin. i guess untill i figure it out just check em out on my profile.
You're using the wrong "share" link. You need the one that has img in it. Photobucket makes it so easy a child can do it.

Personally, there are a lot of things not to like about the car. It's yours though, so rock it if it floats your boat.

On a functional point of view, I would ditch the MSD. Hondas are notorious for not doing so hot with aftermarket ignition systems. Stock NGK stuff is more than sufficient.


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ive never been a fan of yellow other then type r yellow and the yellow on my TC but idk how to explain my color lol, but not a fan of the hood, the chicken fence on ur bumper or the wheels. And i thnk u should tuck ur engine bay =) but we all got to learn sometime haha. GLWB
Welll usually im not a fan of yellow either but i actually really like this yellow. Its viper yellow and i know the hood is for sure coming off. Im thinkin a carbon fiber hood will look good. The wheels though are staying, changing the tailights and im still really questioning the body kit, i dont like them but this one does fit the car nicely.But thanks for all the advice so far. I NEED IT


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looks like a sleeper autosport special

if you like it, rock it

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