N1 Full exhaust video

Sounds nice. How does it sound when you get on it? Raspy at all?
uphills when im on it all the way it is a tiny bit raspy, it usually is kinda low like in the video, but when youre in the car, you cant hear anyone else talking, and my stereo has to be all the way up haha.

[QUOTENot bad! and your civic is so nice and clean, love it][/QUOTE]

Thank you!

Deff a nice eg, keep it clean... Sry to say it looks huge n I sticks out too much (cop magnet) besides that the sound is nice!
Thanks! it is a bit big, the outlet is 4' but the piping is 2 1/4' and cops around here dont care too much, as there is no emissions test needed in my county.

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