Need advice for replacement parts

I took the rear wheels off the USS Rustbucket because the rear brakes where whistling when the brakes are released. I think it's the typical metal rubbing on metal. So I'm going to clean the drum brakes and put some grease on the contact parts.

When I took the wheels off I found some severe? corrosion. The car is in a dryer environment now with no salted roads. The front wheel assembly is wet with white vinegar. It made little difference. I was able to scrape off a few layers of rust

What parts should I replace?

Replace drums, make sure you paint them with a drum/caliper paint to prevent future rust. The rest looks all like surface rust. If it were me I'd get a couple of wire brushes, knock off the surface rust, dry thoroughly and use a drum/ caliper paint or under coating spray and spray it all.

Also it looks l like you could do with bushings replacements.

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