Need help. 99 civic Hard start in cold.

hey guys I got a 99 last week with the d16y7 non V. And ive tried everything I could but im struggling to start it in the mornings. distributor is new. I took starter off and rebuilt it so it cranks just fine but im having to pump the gas to start it regardless of what I do. and btw did take injectors off and cleaned them.
Please give more details about the car.
Also, has it been modified?
Any CEL codes thrown?
It’s a 99 dx sedan with the d16y7, iHavent modes anything it’s all stock and it has CEL for o2 sensors which iAm going to replace but no CEL for any air components or fuel

Post the actual CEL codes. An O2 sensor CEL code does not necessarily mean that the sensor itself is bad.

Next, reset the ECU to clear all CEL codes. What caodes return after driving the car?
P0141 is the recurring light which says o2 but iFigured that won’t affect starting in the cold only


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Once started how does it run and idle?

The O2 code could be for a rich/lean condition not necessarily a bad sensor.

Do you have a scan tool to monitor fuel trims and watch o2 sensor voltage readings?

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