Need help please!!!!! Y7 swap in 98ex


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I’m currently having issues with my swap I have a 98 ex that blew up and put a y7 in and used my y8 harness and intake to be able to use my intake. And am running the p2p but it has a limited for 5k due to it being a vtec ecu. But I am trying to use the p2e ecu but it will not idle it need to have some gas to keep on so I’m wondering what I need to do to make this ecu work. I’m guessing it has to due with the iacv... idk what to do is there anyway to make it work with the way it isn’t set up or do I have to run the y7 throttle body and block off the iacv? And if I have to do it that way will I be able to just keep the iacv on and plug where the hoses go due to not being able to make a plate to bloc it off? If there’s anyway to make it work the way it is please let me know. I also have the y7 throttle body and harness.
Also I run the y8 ecu and the only code it throws is vtec not being hooked up but when I run the y7 ecu it says I have
P0118 engine coolant temp sensor 1 circuit high
P0113 intake air temp sensor high voltage
P1509 iacv
P1298 electrical load detector
And remember with the other ecu it doesn’t have any of these codes and when I had the y8 none of these had issues the only one I can’t account for is the coolant temp sensor.. any ideas on that.