need help w/ manual windows


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herro all

my manual windows are being a b***h

i broke the handle on the drivers side last week it was so hard

if i wash my car, or it rains, i can roll the windows down with relative ease....but if they're dry....i get a big forearm workout

i was told that i just need to replace the felt strips....i've already lubed the window tracks, but that didnt help much.

all go no show

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well obviously the water is acting as some sort of lubricant that makes it easier... it could be the felt. I guess just take it apart and have a look.. spray some wd40 around and see what makes a difference.


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II had the same problem before and i took it to a shop and they used some sort of lube inside the door and it has worked perfect since i wish i could tell u where they but it good luck
my window was down alittle i had to drive back to NY from western Kentucky in the winter that blew

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