Need help with a d16y7 build


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I got my first car this year, is a pop 99 ek pretty excited. It’s completely stock except some header and an exhaust the previous owner threw on it. I’ve been in school for auto mechanics for three years now and I feel I have a very good understanding of cars, but I’m wanting to learn more about FI systems and put one on my y7.
I don’t want to swap out the engine, the y7 in the car is in very good condition. but I do want a reliable turbo and better internals to handle the boost. Money isn’t a huge factor for me, just want reliable parts so I can do the job right.
I’m pretty clear on what I need to do, I’m just having a hard time finding parts. When I try to look up kits it just brings me to some eBay bs. If I want a reliable system will I have to find individual parts for the whole fi system or are there trusted kits out there for y7’s?
i also would love some brands to look for, or even exact products of rods and pistons and all the things I need to build the engine for boost.