need help with finding correct part number for o2 sensor

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I can not believe at how difficult it seems to find accurate information on a honda part number. I have only been able to find threads that are old (5+ yrs) and the info in them has proved to be conflicting. Pretty much every time I use a part number provided in these old threads, I get information from different parts suppliers (autozone/amazon/etc.) that the part I am looking up will not fit my vehicle. I am learning that the part I am needing (o2 sensor) appears to be dependent on the engine type. Well, that has proven to be not so easy to find as well. I have a 2005 honda civic EX. I have found info stating that the engine is: 1.7L L4 SOHC 16V. Is this correct? I have also found info stating that the engine type is either a D17A1 or a D17A2. So which is it? I am learning that this seems to be important to know to be able to get the correct part. I apologize if this has been covered previously, but again I have only been able to find old threads on this and not very many. I am looking for current info please. Thank you all in advance for any help you can give.


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2005 CIvic Ex comes with the d17a2 engine in it, which is SOHC vtec.
D17a1 is the non vtec version and comes in the lower trim model 01-05 Civics.

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Honda strikes! I know the feeling because it hurts in my wallet too. Either way we'll pay, but why pay more? Hondas are usually Denso equipped on the O2 sensors and you can go to their website and cross reference to get the new number which will be the same part as sold at the dealer. Sometimes the Amazon "review" section will have a bunch of the riff-raff exclaiming 'it's the same thing man but cheaper than the stealer' which is a pretty good indication that it is the same piece of hardware to OEM. Try this with Denso for example and I'm sure you'll have some success.
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Thank you for all your help, but I have done what you suggested and I still was not getting an accurate part number.
I finally did find it via Youtube -
This seemed to be the only person who knew, aside from Mr.Baker up there, and showed how to verify the correct engine in the car and then gave, and showed, the product with the correct part number for it, saying not to use a part number that I almost ordered because I did what you suggested.
Thanks again

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I did order the part and installed it this morning. I then reset the code. So far so good. The car is running much better, and hopefully it will not pop up with the same code again. I guess time will tell. knock on wood.