Need help with mechanical issues


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I have a 2004 Honda Civic Ex and a few weeks ago the check engine light came on, I checked the code and it was p1456. I made sure to tighten my gas cap and it still stays on. It has been idling low at a stop, almost feeling as it will stall but doesn't. Then, when I'm driving, it seems like it has trouble accelerating. Then, just about 3 weeks ago, it overheated. Luckily, I noticed it right away and pulled over. I let it cool down and added water to the radiator. Then, got to the nearest gas station and put in coolant. At that time, I was sitting in standstill traffic. Then, last night(2-3am), I was driving a distance of approximately 5miles, from work to home, it overheated, again. It had just sat at my work for 9 hours. I pulled over and allowed it to cool and checked the coolant level, which it needed some, so I added it and was able now to drive it home. It has been really hot out but why would it overheat, that close together? Also, I dont use my ac, the compressor went out months ago and so, I just used a belt that didnt go around the ac. Any help or suggestions would be great appreciated. If I had the financial ability to take it to a shop and just say, fix it whatever it is, i would but I don't have it like that. I'm willing to do any work, myself, if possible. So, I would appreciate replies that lean more towards DIY repair. Thanks