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yea I was wondering if any one could help me out with something I need a tach for my dx but every person who has tried to sell me one has either flacked or not hit me back instead of buying a 5 inch what elese can I do mabe a 3 inch or 4 inch and can any one on here sell me one out of an ex or u can give me a good site to get one for a 96 thru 00 one for me if any one can that would be really good. thanks


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try ebay or i saw an automatic ex one for only $35 shipped a while ago. I have an ex one in my dx since I don't like the monster tachs.


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like admin said try ebay and thepartstrader. Also check out civic forums people sell them often.

I have a Si cluster in my DX.


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or get the apex-i rev meter

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