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Here's my First post!! I have an 02 Civic LX and am importing a k20a from japan. I read somewhere that this swap is easy amd uncomplicated. I was wondering about suspension/wheels/body kit. I read that the suspension in my car was similar to the RSX, true???? I like the kaminari kit but i havent seen ANY other good body kits. What do you guys have? For wheels i was thinking Axis Sevens, I have a friend who is friends with James Chen so i might get some cheap wheels. Lemme know whats worked for you guys and what hasn't, also show me some pics of your rides. :!:


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Um yeah if your going to do the k20, it cost way to much money right know. Hopefully you can get the k20 type r for $5000, and all the parts and labor will add up to $7,000-8,000 unless you have hook ups. I wish i had the money because i cant afford insurence on a rx7 or supra.

And the best looking full body kit would have to be the Xenon one but to many people have it. Best ground effects, I dont want to say so everyone else dont get the same one as me. But if your like me, and know someone that makes bodykits you could try and have them make you a custom one so no one else has it :mrgreen:

Oh and go to Members rides section to see pics or the gallery at the top.


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to do a K20 swap into an em2 u need the engine, subframe, and many other things from the rsx.. right now it cost 10,000 dollars includeing the engine.. the susp. is similar in some ways.. like u can swap rear sway bars and some other things... for body kits i have on order a R33 Skyline front w/ kaminari sides and rear... Axis sevens would look good.. i think i have seen a set on a black pearl 2k1.. im running 18" toxxins right now