new 1996 ek hatch


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recently traded my jdm b16a swapped integra for this ek. wanted one for a while now and finally came across this one. these are just a few pics, not the best but decided id throw them on here.

whats done to it

has a jdm D15B swap-dual vtec is wired together
chipped p28 ecu
Gsr dual bend short throw
Ebay LCA's
Ebay headers
Ebay spoon style duckbill
H&R lowering springs
has the jdm spec sidemarkers
8k blue HID's

Si seats
New Milano Red Hood
Si Grill
PWjdm Resveiour covers
New tie bar
re-do sideskirts in gloss black
get front mudguards
SiR lip



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i ran out of money after swap so i never got it completley finished lol. just came across a straight trade for the ek and took it since ive always wanetd one


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I like the route you took with it, clean and simple and no rice! Paint the hood and youll be golden.


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thanks thanks. those are just some plans/ideas i want to do but as i drive it more and more im sure some will change. i know for a fact a new hood, grill, Si seats, mudguards, and tie bar as the ebay one that came with it is rusted up. just want to keep it clean and simple but at the sametime something that catches attention.


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not for right now im fine with the single cam, good gas mileage fun to drive and reliable. but i do plan on hanging onto this car. my top choices are a b20b, b18b1, or maybe a b16a. i dont want to build anything though(high comp, i dont like turboed cars) so just a stock swap basically with bolt ons


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Very true sir
Im not gonna swap my ex untill the y8 dies and by then it shouldnt be my dd anymore so it will be ok if its down for long enough to swap something nicer in lol.