New but not new - 91 civic dx hatch


Auto-x Driver

I joined up a long time ago because I was working with a friend who does HID setups and he wanted me to help answer questions on the forums... but right after I joined up we decided to part ways in business and I haven't been back here.

Well now I've got a 91 civic dx hatch, that is my autocross car, as well as my daily winter driver; and since it's the first honda I've fully owned, and the only honda I've ever tried to mod for performance, I need to learn a lot.

I'll be doing a ton of lurcking and reading and maybe asking some questions to get me pointed in the right direction for parts.

On my list for parts in the next 6 months is a cage, strut bar, front sway, coil overs, and possibly an engine swap. The sheer huge amount of parts out there for these cars makes it hard for someone like me with no knowledge of the honda world to sort out quality from junk.

Here's my ridiculous car.

And my daily, a 2008 Cobalt SS turbo.