New exhaust


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So I have a leak up in the manifold and cat combo. Figured if I need to fix it I would upgrade the whole exhaust but I do not want the fat can. Only upgrade has been a cold air intake. If upgrading will make the fart can effect I’ll just go with stock but want some advice from someone who might know better. Any ideas would be helpful


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um, what about tuned but quiet can?
and if you will leave ur cat and resonator it will not be loud anyway.
probably a large part of the exhaust is rusted and leaking, so you need to replace it with stock or tuned
here's stock muffler as an example
but I'd like to put on something like this


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Avoid cheap exhausts unless it’s yonaka or skunk2 everything else sucks and fitment issues. Skunk2 is loud and 700 but yonaka is 400 and quieter either way they are both loud. You’re gonna be pulling a arm and a leg to fit cheap quality exhausts (anything less than 400)