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New to this forum but belong to others.
I recently found a cheap 98 hatchback. It needs a lot of TLC. That's why the price is so low.
I do have one question about the front bumper area. The cars front bumper needs to be replaced. It rear ended something.
I looked under the car and noticed 2 metal brackets hanging down , maybe factory tow hooks. Not sure. Driver side is fine. Passenger was bent up in the accident. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.
Does any one know if they are replaceable or ? ?
Any other advice will also be appreciated

Thanks in advance.
those brackets may belong to the radiator. i have a lot of experience with honda bumpers and aftermarket body kits. IME i have not seen any metal brackets on the stock front bumper. if the car was wrecked i would check to see if the radiator is still straight and the bumper reinforcement bar is still straight you can buy the bumper cover itself pretty cheap online it of course will not be OEM for cheap $$$ and then spray paint it yourself youd honestly save 1000 of dollars. if the cars is in really bad shape i wouldnt spend more than a few hundred on a 90's civic. when you get to your yearly inspection and emissions i bet youll be in a whole lot of trouble.