new here with a laid civic

whats up everyone ive had plenty of civic but only 1 boosted one. im more of a mini trucker but like the room in a civic. anyways ive got a ek hatch on air,15" red konigs, baby blue primer, vis carbon fiber hatch and more. its my daily and my baby

head up ass down


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Welcome to cc!

We r pretty friendly to minitruckers here...

More pics...
im sorry my car is not stanced with offset wheels ansd that you dont like my taste but its just that MY taste. i could care less if u dislike my car but keep ur opinions to yourself. I could care less about JDM f**k that my car is my toy and its built to drag

pretty sick mazda dude. had a sundowner laid out when i was 20 i loved that truck but just didnt have enough room in it


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Word of warning, this site isn't friendly to bagged civics. I, and a couple of others are though, so POST MOAR PIX!!!


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car looks clean and I haven't seen bags on a civic that much so its cool seeing something different. more and better pics!!!


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rip out the bags and put a shock/spring kit on it so it won't hate you!!!
you say that because you cant afford them

im not a fan of bags really, but i respect them. i would only get them so i could drive it lower yet. coils just arent low enough

i want pics of it aired out