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Hi all!

I don't have the car yet, but I will be getting a 2007 Honda Civic in a few weeks. I've been without a car of my own for nearly 22 years. It's always been either public transportation, renting cars, or borrowing a friend's car in an emergency. I want to be prepared for anything/everything. Soooo...

Are 2007 Civics still a target for car thieves?
If so, what is the most effective method of theft protection? (And yes, I will always be locking my car up and never leaving anything in it, especially not visible to anyone looking in.)
Is there a way to protect the catalytic converter from theft?
Is it true that thieves avoid manual transmission vehicles? If so, can I convincingly trick out my automatic stick to look like a manual to deter thieves?
How much does auto insurance cost for a car that old?

Yes, I'm a little neurotic and anxious. I just really don't want to lose this car due to my own complacency or lackadaisical attitude.


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2007 is getting pretty old that they really are not targeted. Also if you do not plan on modifying the car heavily then its yet again another reason that your car will just look like another car in traffic.