New member, exhuast question, Buddy Club Spec 2

alright guys I have a 97 civic dx coupe, it has nothing done to the engine or the exhaust. The only modification to the car is raceland coilovers and spacers. I would love to get an exhaust next. I love the sound of the buddy club spec II. It says it would fit on the four door in some places. Why would it fit that and not the coupe? I don't mind it being a little short if that is the only reason it wont fit. If it does not bolt on right now that would be a problem. Does anyone know if it will fit or not? I really don't feel like wasting a bunch of money! thanks guys I appreciate it!.

Okay I was just wondering if anyone had tried it and found out just so I had an idea that it would work. I could call them too! thanks! =)

i think it will only work on EX coupes and sedans, do to the difference in locations of the cat.
I thought it might have something to do with the cat placement. It seems so hard to find a good catback for a dx coupe it seems like all the exhausts fit everything in that time space except that model. Do you guys have any suggestions for a good exhaust for my model? I was just going to get the exhaust shop that I always go to make me a straight pipe but I have to work around PA emissions tests.
Buy whichever exhaust you want that will fit a ex coupe and have a muffler shop fab a pipe from the stock DX cat to the rest of the exhaust.... That way you still have the cat and will pass PA emission tests

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