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Hey, just taking the time to come out and introduce my self, new member here and im new to honda's. Looking forward to learning alot from you guys. Backstory-I bought this stock 96 civic for 500 bucks. Its a clean title, dx nonvtec coupe. i know its not the "best" model to get,but for 500 i aint complaining. Im just looking for something i can work on and make it look good while it can save me on gas while i go to school and work. im not lookin for a speed demon, just a car that would look cool and run great after some work. Heres a pic of how it looked when i got it


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Short ram intake can be found for $50. Pretty sure I even have a pipe/filter for one.

Actually, buddy of mine is selling a AEM V2 CAI for $100?


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