New Project Car

Hey guys, just got my first civic. Traded in my 86 Mustang for an 07 Civic LX Sedan to get better gas​
mileage for back and forth to work. But I'm already wanting to start customizing it to make it mine. I've got several questions though before I start buying parts. I've started looking into aftermarket parts for this car starting with The main things I really wanna do to the car are headlights, taillights, wheels, hood, and spoiler.
Starting off with the headlights. I really love this U Bar look, but this site says that these will only work on a coupe. Do the coupes and sedans have different headlights? For the Tailights I would love to have something that carries out the U bar to the rear, but I haven't seen a set of taillights with a U bar style as of yet.[]=SUBMODEL|Coupe
I haven't really decided on wheels yet. I just know I wanna black them out. As for the hood. I really love this carbon hood. But I had a question about vents. This will be my daily driver. Weather in Oklahoma is all over the place. Will heavy rain going through the vents damage my car? Or would I be better off either getting the stock hood wrapped or buying a solid carbon hood. Plus the site said that this will also only fit on a coupe. Are hoods different on coupes and sedans as well?
And then for the spoiler I don't really have any questions. But I'm thinking of just going with an OE style spoiler like this one. I don't want anything huge, but I do want more than nothing.

there are alot of differences with body parts between the sedan and coupe. as far as the hood vents if they are just straight through vents i wouldn't recommend them. some vents and scoops have channels and rain catches to divert water. however if the car is in good shape with the engine and the electrical it probably wont bother it. water does find a way of getting into places it shouldn't.
If you want to change some details of your car you must contact good body shop. They will help you to find necessary parts wich will fit your car and if you need some parts wich don't fit you - they can remake them for you. Always beter to work with certified specialists

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