New to club civic... 97 civic with b18c1 swap

Heres my civic with a fresh gsr swap I have also put 4-1 headers on the car.
Also I have my steelies on in the pics normally I have 17" konigs.
Here is a list of upgrades on the car
(all bolt ons)
Chipped ecu
Stage 2 clutch
Ram intake
4-1 header
Test pipe
2.5 inch exhaust
Aluminum radiator
Gates racing riming belt
Gates racing water pump
Hasport shift linkage
And the I have replaced some oem parts. I'm keeping power steering also.and ac
My total in the build is 2700$

If you recognize this post it's cause I'm also a member at hondaville

Here is some more pics. I'm uploading them from my iPod that's why it has the black border.
I put 4-1 headers on before I took these pics

Here is before I put it in and before I cleaned it up

After I get the test pipe in I'll make a video of it running and post it.


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very nice man. looks like you know what your doing seeing as how u are just putting it togetheer now u should make a thread in the build thread section.


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Welcome and SWEET motor MAN how many miles on it and any future plans?? u staying N/A or turboing it????
Welcome and SWEET motor MAN how many miles on it and any future plans?? u staying N/A or turboing it????
As of now I'm not sure of future plans im in the hole 1700$ with my dad lol.
I'm thinking I am going to go turbo or all motor.
My dad has convinced himself he can make it 11 sec all motor ( he is a mechanic, and used to drag race) but I doubt all motor is very suitable for daily driving.
I most likely will do a turbo build after I build it for turbo. It has 115k on it. But I will rebuild it when I decide what to do next.

I can't think if any more bolt ons I can add other that a better intake and intake manifold. And I don't think it would make that big of a difference anyway from what I got.... I'm staten to think my block may not be stock cause the guy before me had slot of bolt PBS on it and it revs to 10k! It has chipped ecu. But it didn't hurt the block at all with high revs. But I didn't do them driving, just in nurtral

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