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I've had it with domestic's and their terrible mpg. I am lookin to buy a civic that has good mpg, and looks decent for under 2,000. I found a Sharp 92 hatch that I can afford but then I read on here that you have to swap to get any power. As well as the motors are a pain to squeeze HP out of. I want something 2 door 5 speed and bolt on lusty... no I don't have cash for all the parts I want, but ill get there over time. Guess I just want something that has a turbo friendly base.

Thanks ahead for those who reply.


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welcome to cc!

let me say this first... swaps in these cars are super easy! if u can tune a carb on a v*, then u will have no problem swapping in a B series in your honda!

do some research, and u will find that hondas are wonderful cars!


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^ this
Dont let having to possibly swap a motor scare you away from a clean base
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i say grab the hatch, and get started on your suspension. then worry about the motor later.

Thanks, I'm not new to building rides just know nothin about honda. I've built a 99 sonoma. Air, intake, exhaust, throttle body with spacer, chipped, and reprogrammed. Then a dodge truck with a cam hrads, let's just say. I had an 88 dodge ram doing wheelies. My last project was a 79 jeep cj-7.

I just want a good base that I can toy with and still keep it passing emissions. Should I take a stock 92 hatch over a 99 coupe. Which has more options when building around emissions?
The hatch I'm looking at has a good lookin body and actually painted. The interior is fairly unmolested, and the drive train is factory. With 200k.

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