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Hey there, just joined the forum looking for a good and informational civic site. I have a 99 civic ex that ive done a few upgrades to, and after the winter i hope to do a handful more to make it look and drive like i want it to. Thanks for having me.

heres some pics and updates, just gonna turn this into my DD build thread

Feb 2011 Day i bought it

Match 2011 Got some 12000k HIDs (too blue)

June 2011 Too off the hubcaps, got a type r lip/grille(my ricey stage)

Jan 2012 Had some issues with the car, needed new dizzy and cat so i wasnt too happy with the car, eventually i started loving it again, color matched my grille and my lip got ripped off in the snow

Feb 2012 Bought these 15 inch slips with basically brand new tires for 400

Feb 2012 With them on

March 2012 Bought the yonaka catback, and I LOVE IT

Future plans: Tein S.Tech Springs, drop it a tad, then im probably gonna chill with the upgrades for awhile


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Welcome to cc!

Post pics and a mod list!


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Welcome, yes as everyone else has said lets see what ya got!

What it looked like when i bought it

12000k HIDs

What it looks like now

K&N Short ram intake
DC Sports catback(for now, i got it for cheap, will upgrade later)
12000k HIDs
Type R grill/front lip
Benen tow hook

Future mods:
A slight tint
Skunk2 lowering springs
Yellow HID fogs, would like to get the square JDM ones.
i no its been awhile since ive been on this site(computer died, then forgot about the civic forums). thanks for the replies lol, ive match the grille so far, waiting for better weather to do the sideskirts. Also got wheels finally, some white slips. also i orderded new bulbs, im tired of the blue some im going with 6000ks. Heres some pics.



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mild drop and you'll be in a good position as far as form goes,,nice car by the way..maybe ill be silver like u if things work out for me..hmmm