New User, ECU Question?

Hi all. New to the forums.
I guess i'll start by asking a question,

I've searched but to no success, so hopefully this will be a new post =)

So I recently bought a 96 Honda Civic ej9(96-98 3DR HB), but it was burning a lot of oil and it turned out cheaper to replace the engine, I did (I got somebody to do it).
I got a d15z6 (sohc vtec-e) and had to change the intake manifold and air box, one last thing I needed was the ECU. I'm almost sure the code for the ecu I need is P2Y. I've searched for a while now and cant find anything (Ireland) .

My question is can I run a different ECU, because as I said I can't source the P2Y?
If anybody knows or can give me some advice it would be much appreciated, I have the whole car ready to go but have no ecu and i'm missing it terribly.

Thanks for reading =)


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