NJ Up in here!!


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Anyone here from NJ or NY. i am looking to start a street club. anyone from NJ interested. I live in central jersey, South Brunswick. So people come over and start talking!


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From Brick, NJ Here...

Let me know what's going on In Jerzee!


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West side of Jersey here! Newbie getting started with a 95 4dr EX let me know what ya'll are up to.

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1st item of priority is to get the Edelbrock turbo kit for EG Civics coming out in 2004. Then it's all downhill from there...


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i'm in central jersey so thats close....

where from south jersey are you from?

... and i have no problem with a girl driving a civic especially a CRX... ^_^


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i am from a little place called Tabernacle in Burlington County.....im glad that u have no problem with a girl driving a crx...haha.....wanna race??? hehe....im always up for meeting fellow honda buddies!!!!! there arn't many girls in nj that race....or well that drive 5 spds.....mostly automatics with exhaust and tail lights.....ya know?? and im sorry to offend anyone if they do drive an automatic with tail lights....at least its a honda right?? email me or something if you wanna meet up or whatever!!! xoxox


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NJ meet

there will be another NJ meet of every type of imports...

We are going to do this again because we had a good turnout last time.

NJ Meet(again) Saturday Nov. 15th

Where: Woodbridge Mall (Woodbridge Mall)
Right next to Fortunoff

**if we get kicked out we will travel to a local park***
When: Saturday, November 15th

Time: 12:30 PM- til whenever

We can do what we did last time! Chill for awhile, grab something to eat and then figure out what we are going to do!
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I have invited several differnt car forums to come!

Here is the link to the galants forum:

RSX forum:

I also made a one in the Celica forum but cant link it..so if you want to see it there just go to the Tri-State Area Forum and search

here is the link to the Evo forums:

here is the link to the VW forums:

here is the link to the Honda forums:

here is the link to the Maxima forums:


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babyjoe, do you go to Etown at all?

yes i goto Etown... because its like 10 mins away from my house.... with no traffic to deal with or tolls..... my bro is actually gonna be there this friday because there is going to be a V6 Accord meet there....


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my car....

here are pics of my car....
i gonna drop it soon and tint the windows....


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