No electrical power on entire civic

Hello guys, i'm going crazy with my Honda Civic 1993 5th Gen 1.5L Vtec Manual
So the car was running all good stopped the car for the night and the next day i turn the key and i hear the click click noise which was from the starter so i opened the hood and with a bit of wood i gave it a few knocks on the starter, hen i get inside the car and turn the key over i had no lights on the dashboard, no headlights, no indicators nothing was working. So i tested the battery and it really was dead so i replaced it for a brand new one and guess what? Still nothing its all the same no power at all. I've checked all ground wires they seem finem but even though i had them cleaned, checked all fuses and they seem fine. I have also cleaned the battery positive and negative terminals, i have also checked the battery main fuse 80 amps. And its not the ignition switch or cables either because i replaced that for a new one too.

Has anyone went through this before ? I really need help i'm going crazy on this.

If anyone could help i really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance



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Do the horn and hazard lights work?

Do you have a multimeter?

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