No MIL at Key on Engine off...


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I bought a used 98 LX to drive my son around in, since it's easier to get him into a 4 door instead of the coupe I had.

After buying the car, I went to get it tested for emissions. I assumed since I had no check engine light showing, I was fine. Boy was I wrong.

I can't get a MIL at Key on Engine off. It's supposed to stay on for about 2 seconds. I also get no check engine light when the car is running, but I can scan the car and codes show.... but this is only if the engine is running. It won't read unless it's running.

Any ideas? I'm scouring the wiring diagram for this and a few other fixes on this cheap, rebuilt car. This seems to be the hardest for me.

EDIT: I've inspected the dash bulbs to see if they're faulty, but I see no problems. I can't sit down and focus long enough to figure out the problem from the diagram.