No reverse!!??!!


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A friend bought an early 90's honda, like a 91 or 92 civic hatch.

Everything works great, and he said "it pulls... uh.. pretty good in every forward gear..."

There is no reverse, it doesnt even try to "catch". (AUTOMATIC btw)

Is this a common problem, and is there a cheap remedy for it?

It needs inspection, and I think the emmission nazi's want reverse to work. Plus, pushing the damn thing backwards all the time would become a pain.

Thanks, Drew.


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I know on my friends 90 subaru legacy awd the same thing happened.... and when we flushed the tranny with new fluid, the forward gears stopped working, but he did craziest awd burnouts in reverse lol......

Is there any kind of vacuum module, or vacuum lines that go to the transmission?

Is the transmission controlled by a computer? Is there a reverse relay or something?


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might sound stupid but this happend 2 a friend on his mustang and it was just a fuse could be wrong but once he changed it on his car it worked badass

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