No start, no communication


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I just got an 03 civic 1.7 automatic. The car has some issues that I am working to figure out. First the car ran and drove when I got it, at some point it had a start button installed, and I guess it broke so it just had wires hanging to start the car. I am trying to put it back to how it would have been from the factory. I took the jenky bypass out, and hooked everything back up the way it should be and the car would not do anything by the key, no crank, no fuel pump, nothing. I could communicate with the car and had no codes. I have tested all the fuses, and tested several relays. I put a new ignition switch in today and got the car to crank over, and still no fuel pump, however in doing so, I have managed to lose communication to any system on the car. My scanner powers up, it knows it's connected to the car but won't communicate. What else do I need to look at to regain communication and get the fuel pump to kick back on?