noob engine question

I have a 95 honda civic ex with a d16z7 with manual tranny. im new to civic platform and in need of help. My car all of a sudden while at idle or driving at low gears the rpm's go up and down on their own and car ocasionally dies. I thought it was the car needing a tune up so i changed plug wires radiator cap rotor and have even messed with the timing and it is still dooing it. Is there something that im missing?


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Make sure that the vacuum lines going to the IACV are good and secure, and that the bolts that are holding it down to the intake manifold are tight.

If everything seems ok, try cleaning it with brake fluid and see if the problem persists.

vacuum lines going to the IACV
what? coolant lines, my friend.

What Kensai said is correct, make sure the COOLANT lines are secure. Not so much important than the idea that the IACV is mounted snugly against the intake manifold.

Also, make sure your throttle body and intake manifold bolts are tight. There are 4 bolts holding them together.

Give the IACV a good cleaning too. Brake fluid or throttle body cleaner should clean it out rather well. Follow the instructions here:
(credit to RonJ's sig for the link)

If you clean it and it still acts up, try replacing it.


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Why are you messing with timing....?

Any check engine lights?

Thanks everyone ill try that and see what happens. The only reason im messing with timing is because one of my friends with so called honda civic experience told me so, because it has happened to him as well. The thing i am getting with this problem is engine bogging down really low in RPM before it shuts off then the display only shows a battery light. This happens when the car is idling from a fresh start or while on the road driving and then coming to a stop.