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yay, new year. obligatory post to say hi, bye, and happy holidays. XD


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yay! one more year closer to death!


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redone ready to race

Well Boys here is my updated Lemons Racer, hope you like. Robbed the engine "R" out of an acura, also took the 4door suspention and put in my 2 door car, should stick to the track a little better. Got BONED at the last Tech and they told me to remove my heavey duty bumpers so insted I just covered them. Front bumper cover is off a mustang rear cover is off a newer accord and just for fun through on some side skirts off of a camaro. LMAO what a ride!


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Hate to beat a dead horse, but I'll be back out in Nor Cal in June, out in Kentucky right now. My rides a 97 ex coupe