Normal Cooling System Operation


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I have a Honda Civic FD1 2007 Auto Sedan with an Engine Watchdog fitted as an aftermarket protection audible warning against engine overheat and low oil pressure. This device has a digital engine temperature readout.

I'm just wondering if my cooling system is operating within normal specs.

With the A/C switched off and from cold I idled the engine and noted the both fans kicked in at 94 degrees C. Is this normal operation?

I turned the engine off and noted both fans freewheel to a stop. The radiator fan came to an abrupt halt followed by the A/C fan which continued to freewheel a few seconds more. I spun the fans by hand and the radiator fan seems noisy and rough. Is it possible to replace the bearing in this motor? Otherwise I'll get a whole assembly from ebay here in Australia.

I normally run the car with the A/C on and both fans run when the engine is started from cold.



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Id get a new radiator fan than try to rebuild it maybe aftermarket? Some race cars have aftermarket switches that turn on the radiator fan itself than when the ecu tells it. Did you mess with the tune? Some people tune theres for the fan to come on immediately instead of waiting for the thermostat to open its passages. Id say If the engine temperature dashboard needle doesnt go in the red zone you should be ok. good luck


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