Now able to fix cam camp damage and head


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Hey Guys
so i started to experiment. I have damaged a few heads in my time, badly, im sure we all have, and finally i came to realize that i might be able to fix them. i took a lot of time and really tried to fix a head back to working condition.

below is a head that had a cam seize up in it. not good. there are damages of the head on cam caps 1 on both intake and exhaust. you will see the before and after pictures.

i also experimented with a friends head too and got all his cam scars out as well. each head was plastigauged and came out almost perfect. pretty stoked about it. on this head as well, my friend also
purchased it from someone who did a shitty job on cleaning the runners in the ports. really nasty stuff, i decided to clean them up a bit...
one thing that we are both pretty stoked about is that we did not use3 of the original cam caps. these caps where honed by me and matched almost perfectly.

let me know your thoughts.
.... i may start doing this on the side to make a few bucks. im thinking people are more likely to spend money on a head to fix it then to have to pay more to get a new one...

My head damage before:


friends head before:

nasty port work